Getting Started With The Top Kat Cable Pack

If you would like to truly cut the cord, like most of our clients? We recommend that you add our HD Indoor Antenna to your purchase today. Which, will give you access to over thirty local channels, including your local news. If you use our service and the HD Antenna, you will be ready to cut the cord and save hundreds of dollars!


Tips for the Broadcasting Hut App: 


  1. If you would like to stop the App from booting up on start up? On the main screen of the App, where you see the round circles that read, "Live TV, TV Series and Movies." Scroll to the top and click on the settings icon, which is the cog wheel. Click it! Go into general settings and uncheck the autostart on boot up. Save Changes!


  1. Add channels to your favorites? On the channels screen, click and hold your okay button and a menu will come up. Click on add to favorites. Now back out and at the top of the main category section "the gray boxes" you will see all of your favorites. We recommend that you explore the most popular sections first and add some of these channels to your favorites. VIP USA ENTERTAINMENT NETWORKS, US ENTERTAINMENT NETWORKS, MOVIE NETWORKS, KIDS NETWORKS, 24/7 TV SHOWS SECTION and 24/7 MOVIES SECTIONS.


  1. Customize your TV Guide? Go to the main screen of the App, which has the colored circles that read Live TV, Series and Movies. Click on lnstall From EPG, then scroll up to the top of the screen and click on the settings icon, which looks like a little wheel. Click it! Go into General Settings check "Show Full EPG." Click on Save Changes! This will give you a TV Guide listing. Now, once you go into your favorites or every channel that you saved will be in a customized TV Guide. If, at any time your guide reverts back to it's original interface. Just click on the install / live from EPG again and it will change back to the customized TV Guide view. Each time you change the guide, make sure you go to the categories section (The Screen With The Gray Boxes) scroll to the top right and click on the 3 dots, then click "Refresh TV Guide" the new Guide will now download and install.


  1. Change from military time? Go into settings "Main Screen, Click on the Cog Wheel." Click on Time Format and check 12-hour Format. Save Changes!


 Let us know if you need a personal guided tutorial? Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday 11am - 7pm. Thursday 2pm-7pm. Friday - Sunday 5pm - 7pm. Eastern Standard Time.

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