What Is Kodi?

What is Kodi?

Kodi is a free and open source media player that has been created specifically for home entertainment. It has been available since 2002, and since then it has left an impression on everyone who streams and shares content at home. On its launch, it was known as the Xbox Media Player. In 2003, it became the Xbox Media Center, which remained until 2014 when it was renamed to Kodi. Kodi is the work of the XBMC Foundation which works behind the scenes to deliver the service.

Kodi is simply the most powerful software you should have if you’re a big fan of streaming movies and TV shows. It is available for installation on different operating systems and hardware platforms that are available on the market.

What is Kodi used for?

Kodi has a variety of uses. In all of them, it makes accessing music, movies and TV shows much easier. 

Upload Pictures and Videos, View Social Media Platforms

Another important feature that Kodi offers is the ability to store and view pictures and videos from your library. Kodi offers numerous Picture addons that allow you to edit photos, create slideshows, and so much more.

At its core, Kodi  is a home theater software. This means that it’s designed to play your family movie clips, commercial movies, music, photos, and more. You probably already have a selection of media stored on your computer. However, these files are stored in different locations. For example, you keep your music in one folder, your movies in another, and your photos in some third-party application. Well, Kodi can replace all of those applications. Instead of having your media library all over your computer, you can keep all your files (and play them) within Kodi. Sounds interesting, right? Keep on reading to learn more.

What Is A Kodi Addon?

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You can think of a Kodi Addon as a small application that extends the functionality of the core software.  There are literally thousands of add-ons that can be installed within Kodi that will turn this media center software into an online streaming beast.

Kodi provides a list of add-ons through its official repository but there are thousands more available through different sources on the Internet.

Some of the most popular Kodi add-ons provide access to free movies and television shows. These add-ons are designed to search the Internet for free media content and serve the video streams through your Kodi.

Kodi add-ons are always changing, updating, and being created. Top Kat Electronics makes sure your box is up to date with the latest addons.

 These addons act as applications within Kodi and can perform all kinds of things. The majority of them are designed to stream media from the Web. Therefore, you can install Kodi on your smart TV and stream files without occupying any storage space.

What Is A Kodi Build?

What Is A Kodi Build

Kodi Build

A Kodi Build is a great way to get up and running quickly within Kodi.  A Kodi build will install everything in one click such as popular addons, skin, settings, electronic program guide, and more.

Once you have Kodi installed on your device, it is now up to you to customize it just how you prefer. You have the option of going through all different addons and choosing the ones you like best, or you can install just one build which includes numerous addons with plenty of content.

With a build, you will save hours of searching and selecting specific add-ons and be up and running in just minutes with a few clicks. Using a build is the easiest way to use Kodi to stream and download content in a quick and sufficient manner. You will be able to get shows, movies, and all viewing items you might need in one location without the hassle of diving through all Kodi addons.


What the Future Holds for Kodi?

At the moment, developers behind Kodi are working on a brand new, major version of this application. More precisely, Kodi 18.0 Leia is getting closer to the release date as we speak. Aside from the highly polished interface, Google Assistant integration, and voice input, we expect from the new Kodi to be better than ever before.

Kodi is also useful for watching content on demand. There are hundreds of Kodi Addons that allow you to watch your favorite TV shows, movies, and other videos whenever you need them.

Is Kodi Legal?

Being one of the best and most used software streaming product, it is entirely understandable to ask if Kodi is legal.

It is legal because you're not downloading the material. You're streaming it, and streaming is considered legal because you are not keeping the content, as you would with downloading. "Receiving a stream, in itself, isn't something targeted by the Copyright Act. Streaming video is considered a "transient, temporary display! Kodi as an application is 100% completely legal. Downloading and installing the Kodi app crosses no legal boundaries and you can use it for numerous functions.

 In its simplest form, Kodi is completely legal. Actually, Kodi was acquired in part by Microsoft. It is a general use product just like a web browser!